Consumer Research

Belfiore Real Estate Consulting can add another layer of research to your studies: Consumer Research. We poll customers to find out what they are seeking or why they have made a particular purchase decision.

The integration of consumer research into a custom study provides insight into buyers’ values and perceived needs.

Consumer research can be conducted in a variety of ways, including:

  • Exit interviews at existing builder sales offices. Belfiore Real Estate Consulting has a Team of trained Consumer Researchers that it places outside of builder sales offices to ask buyers questions related to the feasibility of the project it is studying. Belfiore Real Estate Consulting has partnerships with several home builders that allow it to utilize their sales offices when conducting research.
  • Surveying recent purchasers. Belfiore Real Estate Consulting contacts recent buyers in a particular residential area to find out why they purchased a home when and where they purchased.
  • Open surveying. Belfiore Real Estate Consulting conducts “open” surveys to determine what “at-large” residents want in a new community, what their perceptions are, and what might drive future purchasing decisions.